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Our services are available to listen to online, or by cassette tape.

You can find the entire online MP3 collection of sermons at Here you can either listen to a sermon online, or download it to your PC or player.  Alternatively,  you can follow the links below for individual sermons.

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Special Subjects
Knowing the Call of God (Rev Ian Harris, Youth Rally 2006)
How Can A Young Person Serve God
(Rev Paul Fitzsimons, Youth Rally 2005)
Lessons from the Tsunami
I Will Do a New Thing (Motto Text 2005)
Biblical Separation
Is Jesus Christ a Superstar?
The Passion of The Christ
What is a True Conversion (Rev John Greer, Youth Rally 2004)
Funeral Service of Mr Bobby Brownlow

Special Series
The Life of Elisha (Current Series - Updated Weekly)
Lead Me to Calvary (Rev Reggie Cranston, March 2006)
The Life of Joseph
Communion Services
Samson - The Strong, Weak Man (Rev Trevor Baxter, March 2005)
Gospel Studies in Exodus
Studies in the Book of Ruth
Harvest Weekend 2004

Morning Services
Mary's Worship of Christ
How Grasshoppers May Become Giants
The Two on the Emmaus Road Meet the Saviour
The Wise Men, The Star & The Saviour
The Christian's Hope
The Christian - Like an Eagle
The Price, Path & Principle of the Cross
Knowing Your Election
Christ - Better than the Angels
The Lord's Banner Unfurled
Forgetting God
Walking and Talking with Christ
An Enemy Invited into God's House

Evening Services
Christ's Preaching of The Gospel
The Deliverence Found in God
Christ's Power over Sin
Wine & Weddings
Is Salvation Possible After Death?
Our Never-Dying High Priest
Our Ever-Living Saviour
The New Birth
Who's Servant are You?
The Seeking Shepherd
Righteous or Wicked
The Marriage Supper of The Lamb
The Provision of The Gospel
The Healing of Aeneas

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